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Can you edit the file and send it to me?

The picture is too big to apply to my game

please fix

you can simply scale it down to any size you need (keep proportions) using most graphic programs like photoshop, gimp etc..

I bought this pack two years ago for totally 150 USD.....

thanks so much for your previous purchase! If you want some newer packs for free just contact me on my website :)

I bought the bundle assets pack, it's 20 characters and about 100+ monsters ( I can't remember the precise number, may be between 100 and 130)

I don't know whether you have add any new animations? 

These flash ones don't have new animations, but the spline ones on my website do :)

In flash ones  it have only 4 key frames in each animation, which makes the animation don't look much smooth, you mean in spine ones you solve the problem? If it is, can I redownload your new animations? 

Yes Spine ones do, but I only have some characters available, not all. please contact me on my website for further help :)